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ANCC Nurse Executive - Online Practice Tests

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There are a multitude of career options for nurses looking for greater challenges in their daily duties. Opportunities for specialization and advancement in one's career is only possible through continued education and certification. The versatility of the field is part of what makes nursing so appealing. Regardless of what kind of nursing interests you most, there's always a path toward certification available. The American Nurses Credentialing Center, or ANCC, is the group that oversees such certifications. Any nurse hoping to advance their career and manage their own healthcare unit should consider taking the Nurse Executive Board Certification exam offered by the ANCC. Once certified, nurses receive the title of Nurse Executive - Board Certified (NE-BC). Such a title can bolster job applications and set you apart from other applicants. If you are considering going for your NE-BC, look no further than Exam Edge for helpful ANCC Nurse Executive practice tests.

Once you have completed a practice exam, you will have permanent access to that exam's review page, which includes a detailed explanation for each practice question!

Our practice tests simulate the real thing in a number of key ways:

  1. Topics covered
    • Structures and Processes - 22%
    • Exemplary Professional Practice - 46%
    • Transformational Leadership - 23%
    • New Knowledge and Innovations - 9%
  2. Level of difficulty
  3. Navigation
  4. The feel of the real test

To pass the ANCC&reg Nurse Executive test you need a score of 350.

Here are five reason you should use our exams to prepare for your ANCC Nurse Executive - Online Practice Tests certification exam:

  • Because the tests are web-based, there is no software to install. Our practice tests are available to you anytime at you convenience. No matter where you are, you can take our practice tests on any computer or smartphone with access to the internet
  • Once you complete a practice exam, you will be provided with how many questions you answered correctly, as well as our estimate of your score on the real exam. We also provide explanations on why the answer is correct.
  • Our practice tests are designed to have a similar look-and-feel of the real test. The number of questions and even the default time limit for each practice exam are just like the real thing. This way, when you take the actual test, you will already be completely familiar with its navigation and behavior.
  • If you have to stop while taking one of our tests, you can continue right where you left off. When you continue the test, you will start exactly where you were, and with the same amount of time you had remaining
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What is the ANCC Nurse Executive exam?

The ANCC Nurse Executive exam helps to certify those interested in working in the administrative side of healthcare. Whether you have years of experience in the field or are just beginning to explore this side of the profession, you'll need to do your homework to become certified. ANCC nurse executive practice tests are a great way to do just that. In order to take the exam, you'll need to have an active registered nurse license as well as a bachelor's degree in nursing. Test takers must also have either a masters degree in nursing administration or have taken 30 continuing education hours in nursing administration in the last three years. Experience in nurse administration or management is also required. Though not strictly required, it's also advised that test takers undergo some form of ANCC Nurse Executive exam prep before sitting for the test. Without enough preparation, you could be forced to retake the exam, costing you valuable time and money.

How many questions are on the ANCC Nurse Executive exam?

The exam is comprised of 175 questions, 150 of which are scored. The other 25 are considered pre-test questions and do not count towards the overall grade. All questions should be carefully answered, though, because the pre-test questions are sprinkled amidst the questions that count toward your score. The exam lasts for a total of three and a half hours. A maximum score of 500 is possible, but only 350 is needed to pass. While test takers can re-take the exam three times per year, the costs start to add up quickly. Members of the American Nurses Association pay $270 to register for the exam, while non-members are charged $395. Investing in an ANCC Nurse Executive exam practice test is a better use of your money and time.

While the costs associated with this test may seem steep, the benefits are worth the initial cost. Those who become certified nurse executives can expect a significant bump in salary. It's just one of the many reasons to pursue your Nurse Executive - Board Certification! Of course, pursuing this goal without adequate ANCC Nurse Executive test prep would be a mistake.

What is covered on the ANCC Nurse Executive exam?

The ANCC Nurse Executive test itself is made up of four main content areas. Test takers can expect 33 questions on leadership, which makes up 22 percent of the exam. Another 27 questions are asked about the structure and processes of nursing, adding another 18 percent of the test. 37 percent of the test revolves around professional practice, so expect upwards of 55 questions in that category. Finally, knowledge management comprises the remaining 23 percent of the test or roughly 35 questions. While these categories may seem overwhelming at first, ANCC Nurse Executive test prep can help prepare you for any question that comes your way.

It can be difficult to know how to tackle such a wide array of subjects when creating your study calendar. By taking a practice test, you can easily see which areas you've mastered and which subjects deserve a little more of your attention. Traditional tools like flashcards and note-taking can be helpful, but there's nothing quite like ANCC Nurse Excutive practice exams to guide your studies! Since Exam Edge offers users detailed explanations of the answers they got wrong on their practice tests, it's easier than ever to create outlines for your late-night study sessions.

How to prepare for the ANCC Nurse Executive exam

The prep for the ANCC Nurse Executive exam required for a passing score on the test should not be underestimated. Nurse Executive certification is a big career move, and the qualifying exam is indeed challenging. Thankfully, ANCC Nurse Executive practice exams can help build confidence and ensure mastery of the subject matter before you ever sit down for the real test. There are real benefits to familiarizing oneself with the format and pacing of the test. Additionally, going toe to toe with the same kinds of questions you'll find on the actual test is a great way to hone in on problem areas where you might need additional focus. No matter how confident you are in your knowledge of the subject matter, standardized tests can be tricky. By taking ANCC Nurse Executive exam practice tests, you'll get comfortable with the format of the test. The psychological advantage you'll have over other less-practiced test-takers will become evident on the day of the real exam!

Allow Exam Edge's ANCC Nurse Executive exam practice tests to be your secret weapon. Pause questions and take time to really understand what the answer might be, or practice your pacing and allow the clock to run as you take the practice test. Either way, you'll receive a complete answer guide with in-depth explanations about what the correct answer is and why. There's no better way to build your study guide!

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